101 in 1001, 4th edition

For the past nine years, I have taken a very specific approach to counter failed New Years resolutions. I heard about this from a fellow podcaster and have used it since. It’s called 101 in 1001.

101 Things in 1001 Days was started by New Zealander, Michael Green in 2003.  What started with this challenge has grown into  an online community for people who love creating lists, setting challenges,  and making positive changes in their lives.  For more details, check out Day Zero

This is my 4th iteration and I hope it will be my most successful. I have established xxx overarching catagories to guide my efforts and steer myself toward achieving the life I want to live.  I think this coordinated focus will help me foster commitment and achieve more.

Here we go…

Build my business

1. Solidify product lines
2. Create mission
3. Create vision
4. Create goals
5. Establish values
6. Create initial business plan
7. Create exit strategy
8. Identify revenue streams
9. Get CO business license
10. Find accounting solution
11. Outline costs
12. Establish product costs
13. Determine production schedule
14. Outline retail venues (ie. wholesale, online, events, etc)

Build My Brand

15. Add to my trademark
16. Finalize my word mark
17. Create a color palette
18. Transition blog to new platform
19. Identify my niche
20. Partner with yarn producer(s)
21. Stand up e-commerce site
22. Build publishing templates
23. Develop product labels
24. Add consistent brand info to all sites/SM accounts

Market my Brand

25. Create a real editorial Calendar
26. Blog 3 times per week
27. Create Social Media Plan
28. Take over FH space/presence
29. Research paid social
30. Learn SEO
31. Build online following
32. Create newsletter
33. Grow instagram followers to 1000
34. Grow FB following
35. Build a mailing list
36. Learn how to Pinterest

Personal Relationships 

37. Motivate K to be more healthy and active
38. Motivate Z to be more healthy and active
39. Help Z transition to college
40. Help K figure out what’s after undergrad
41. Work on finances with K
42. Put out Christmas Cards
43. Work on self care with Z
44. Give in to M’s Spontaneity every once in a while
45. Surprise the fam quarterly
46. Organize/backup photos
47. Start Girl Scout scrapbooks
48. Get the family back to church
49. Communicate with T, B & N regularly
50. Call mom every week

Real Self Care

51. Create a weekly schedule
52. Follow a weekly schedule
53. Lose 30 lbs
54. Get BMI down to 24
55. Bring waist measurement down to 31.5 inches
56. Work back up to running a 5K easily
57. Complete full round of Power 90
58. Complete full round of P90X
59. Quit (By 2020)
60. Start drinking at least 64 oz of water each day
61. Take vitamins daily
62. Practice healthy eating
63. Monthly PJ day
64. Care for my skin
65. Do yoga
66. Build push ups and sit ups to age
67. Fit into my goal pants

Further my Craft

68. Read all my knitting books
69. Design 6 patterns per year
70. Get one knitting pattern published in real publication
71. Knit from my book library
72. Finish spinning the Dreaded Fleece
73. Knit sweater from Dreaded Fleece
74. Take the lessons in my learn-to-sew books
75. Take my Craftsy classes
76. Wash my fleece
77. Improve spinning technique
78. Learn to teach
79. Learn to write patterns
80. Learn to write for this industry
81. Teach at least one person to spin


82. Read Everyday
83. Write Everyday
84. Read the entire book in one year
85. Re-write that dictionary
86. Locate and take online classes to support goals


87. Organize home files
88. Create a new budget
89. Follow a budget
90. Aggressively pay down debt
91. Finish craft room
92. Organize Master BR
93. Fix Pasture
94. Fix Garden
95. Finish downstairs LR
96. Finish guest bedroom
97. Finish Garage-ish
98. Finish office
99. Establish plan for lifecycle appliance replacement
100. Create housekeeping schedule
101. Establish savings for trips