Lessons learned… My knitter’s fail.

I learn a little something every time we move. The house you live in says a lot about who you are but, the house you leave reveals all your dirty little secrets. 

Last time we moved, the house taught me four lessons: 
1. Pre-soak: when you live in a house for four years with 2 kids and 2 dogs you are going to unearth some stains once the furniture is on the back of the truck. Pre-soak and pre-treat each according and you won’t kill yourself trying to get them out. I learned this half-way through the clean up chore. 
2. Tape: I am pretty good at painting a room but I am down-right amazing when I take the time to tape. It’s helps emensely when I become tired or lazy and get sloppy. 
3. Furniture steals stuff: I would have never imagined that that much stuff was hiding in and under my couches. It boggles my mind how many kid socks and yarn tools accumulate there. 
4. You can’t drop it if it’s already on the ground: in an effort to save time and energy I held a paint can and dipped the brush in directly when doing the cutting in on a very small accent wall. I was smart enough to set it down when I had to step on the ledge to reach the top edges. Unfortunately, I kicked it off the ledge and dropped the entire gallon into my tub. It would have never fell if it had never left the ground in the first place. 
My most recent move taught me one (yes, one) very important lesson. I have not crafted nearly enough over the past two years. I figured this out when, after checking all the cracks and crevasses and getting all the furniture moved out, I discovered that there was a single, solitary stitch marker left behind in my crafty wake. 
How does that happen? One stitch marker? One? It was clearly a testament to my knitting fail.