Pattern Release: My Blue Heaven

Inspired by Colorado skies and a love for knit chevrons, My Blue Heaven is a rectangle shawl knit lengthwise to produce a blanket of comfort. The use of strategically placed garter stitch produces a simple texture to deliver both an interesting fabric as well as an interesting knit.

My Blue Heaven

I don’t know what it is about knit chevrons but I love them. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the shape or watching the knit fabric bend to my will.  Whatever it is, it brings me great joy. I designed this pattern to satisfy my own desire to knit chevrons and share that joy with knitters everywhere. 

What’s with the name?  I know I pin-holed myself a bit by having a color in the pattern name but I couldn’t help it. When the design was unfolding in my brain, I just knew it had to incorporate chevrons and I kept getting “my blue chevron” stuck on my head to the tune of “My Blue Heaven.”  What was a girl to do. The design essentially named itself. 

I am very pleased with this pattern and really enjoyed knitting it up. I hope you will too. 

What color is your Blue Heaven?

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