About the spinning

At the beginning of this year, I finished the Dreaded Fleece.  Like, finished finished.  All the spinning, plying and finishing is done. I ended up with more than 2,300 yds. of DK weight Rambouillet yarn.  Now, I have no clue what I will knit with it yet, but finishing it has felt life changing.  

Dreaded Fleece – Ready to Spin

If you aren’t a podcast listener, you may not know the chronicles of the Dreaded Fleece.  It’s a long, sorted story but the crux of it is this fleece frustrated me so much that it stole my spinning mojo.  But, it’s done. 

Dreaded Fleece – The yarn

Since finishing the fleece, all that has changed.  My mojo has returned. I have finished two lingering spinning projects I had sitting in hibernation and started and finished several others.  My love for spinning has returned and it’s like a switch was turned on.  I just keep thinking about what to spin next.

Recent Finished Yarns

I just keep spinning.  When I finished one project I go right on to start the next.  I still need to focus and learn to spin with intention but at least I am behind a wheel as often as I can be.  It a nice change and I am really really enjoying being back at it.

My next exercise in intentional spinning is to restart and finish a wool study I purchased from Sheep Spot.  More on that to come…