Donkeys at Sunrise

Those aren’t donkeys. Those are the Alpaca and these are the kind of updates I get from the boy while I am away in servitude to family obligations.  He is not pleased about having to take care of the critters while I am away. He has taken to calling them donkeys because they misbehave.

a photo by the boy.

I have been quiet as of late. July 1, 2022, I was called away to help my mom in recovery and rehab after a nasty fall put her out of commission. Her highness is progressing well and regaining more strength and independence each day.  

The hardest part about this trip is not having an end date. I’ll get a respite next weekend, and will return after a four-day break. I hope it will only be a week or two longer after that.  We have a set of criteria for her highness to meet before she can truly take care of herself and every day we get closer to her meeting that list.  

Her confidence in her regained strength is our biggest hold up.  I encourage her everyday to try more, to do more.  

I know she likes having me around but, alas, I will have to return to my own life (…and my bed, and my house, and my boy and my alpaca).